I am a researcher at the Institute of Computer Science at University of Tartu working in the NLP Research Group. My main research area is automatic text analysis, from tokenization up to parsing, especially for morphologically complex languages. My second main interest is computational clinical psychology which involves predicting psychological diagnoses or conditions based on language.

Before joining University of Tartu in 2016, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Macquarie University with Mark Johnson where I mainly worked on predicting Alzheimer’s diagnosis based on the transcriptions of patients’ speech.

I received my PhD from the Tallinn University of Technology, where I worked in the Laboratory of Phonetics and Speech Technology at the Institute of Cybernetics. My dissertation Non-parametric Bayesian models for computational morphology was supervised by Sharon Goldwater from the University of Edinburgh, and Prof. emer. Leo Võhandu.


Kairit Sirts
Email: sirts@ut.ee
skype: kairit.sirts